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  • Cuong Tieu, MD

    Medical Director, Child Center

    Cuong Tieu, MD, is the medical director of the Child Center on the Rogers Memorial Hospital–Oconomowoc campus. Dr. Tieu specializes in treating children with emotional, learning or behavioral ...

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  • Jodi L. Tompitch, PMH-CNS-BC, APNP, CEDS

    Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber

    Jodi L. Tompitch, PMH-CNS-BC, APNP, CEDS, is a board-certified advanced practice nurse prescriber with a specialization in psychiatric mental health who works with children, adolescents and adults ...

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  • Steven D. Tsao, PhD

    Assistant Clinical Director

    Steven D. Tsao, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist who serves as the Assistant Clinical Director at Rogers’ Philadelphia, providing supervision for the clinical treatment team in the partial ...

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  • Carolyn J. Turcott, MD

    Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

    Carolyn J. Turcott, MD, is board certified in both adult psychiatry and in child and adolescent psychiatry, and works primarily with children and adolescents on the inpatient unit at Rogers ...

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  • Erik J. Ulland, MD

    Medical Director, Nashotah Program

    Erik J. Ulland, MD, is a board-certified general psychiatrist and child and adolescent psychiatrist who serves as medical director of the residential Nashotah Program on the Rogers Memorial ...

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  • Shika Verma, MD

    Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

    A full-time child and adolescent psychiatrist, Shikha Verma, MD, primarily works with children and adolescents in the day treatment program and on the inpatient unit at Rogers' West Allis hospital ...

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  • Nicolette E. Weisensel, MD, FAPA

    Adult Psychiatrist

    Nicolette E. Weisensel, MD, is a board-certified adult psychiatrist who provides psychiatric services for the partial hospital and intensive outpatient programs primarily at Rogers' Appleton ...

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  • Chad Wetterneck, PhD

    Clinical Supervisor

    Chad Wetterneck, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in the treatment of anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), with ...

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  • Malinda Wilczynski, ARNP, MSN

    Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

    Malinda Wilczynski, ARNP, MSN, is a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner at Rogers–Tampa Bay who works with patients in the partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient ...

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  • Paula R. Young, PhD, ACT

    Clinical Director

    Paula R. Young, PhD, ACT, is a licensed clinical psychologist who directs the clinicians in the adolescent and adult FOCUS mood disorders, eating disorders and OCD partial hospital programs at ...

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  • Azhar M. Yunus, MD

    Medical Director, Adolescent Recovery Program and Child and Adolescent Outpatient Services

    Azhar M. Yunus, MD, serves as medical director of the residential Adolescent Recovery Program (opening spring 2017) and outpatient services for children and adolescents at Rogers' West Allis and ...

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