Hope Found on New Year’s Eve

Posted on 12/11/12 11:03:am


Reflections of a former Herrington Recovery Center patient who is now enjoying recovery and a New Years Eve free of intoxicants.

In the past, the end-of-the-year holiday frenzy had provided many opportunities for me to socialize and usher in the New Year with bubbly bliss. I anticipated the playfulness, waiting for that all so important midnight kiss; proceeded by the ball dropping in New York’s Times Square and Dick Clark’s count down.

However, as 2011 came to a close, I did not feel the end of year frenzy. In fact, I completely escaped the frenzy of the holidays even before Christmas. I was admitted to Herrington Recovery Center on December 14th. Never did I imagine that I would lie in prey to this viperous disease, spending the holidays in rehab. With the pangs of loneliness all too real, a willingness to surrender is what I felt.

To my surprise, New Year’s Eve brought forth an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I’m grateful for sobriety, a clean year ahead and good friends, along with the supportive staff at HRC. I’m grateful for an alumni association who spent time, energy and thought into making sure the residents at HRC had a night to remember this past New Year’s Eve. Yes, I’m proud to say I “remembered” this one! Not only because my mind was free from chemicals but because we had so much fun. The night started off with the cooking talent of Mike, who prepared tenderloin steaks and twice baked potatoes which melted in our mouths. Following the gourmet meal was a serious pool tournament, where Andy methodically schooled all the other sharks in the house, winning the first annual HRC pool trophy. The weather was unseasonably warm. The sky was clear. And many stars were visible outside, as well as in the house when the singing talent emerged after the Karaoke machine came out! Stars, like John A and John H, belted out Tom Dooley.

No, this year we did not watch the glamorous “ball” dropping in New York or experience that joyous midnight kiss. But we did have an amazing night of fellowship, fun, laughter and most of all sobriety! I’m so very grateful for my continuing recovery.

The Herrington Mcbride Alumni Associations is hosting the 2nd Annual New Year’s Eve Celebration. The inaugural event in 2012 was so successful we can’t wait to bring in 2013 with a gourmet meal, followed by games and fellowship.

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