Experiential Therapy Adds Labyrinth

Posted on 09/24/14 01:26:pm

Led by Christine, Rogers’ spirtual care coordinator and Mick, Rogers’ experiential therapy manager; our staff has been busy designing and building a labyrinth at our Oconomowoc campus. Yesterday, the team completed the labyrinth, located in the lower gardens. It was built so that the entrance of the labyrinth could be viewed from the gazebo. Rogers’ labyrinth spans over 40 feet in diameter and leads those who enter on a journey just short of a quarter mile.

Labyrinths are typically difficult to navigate (we promise ours is navigable). However, like life, they require us to not look in the past and instead focus on where we are headed. Studies have proven the health benefits of walking a labyrinth and there are organizations devoted to promoting labyrinths.

Labyrinths provide patients an opportunity to enter a world of their own and release their thoughts. Upon leaving the labyrinth, patients are re-integrated into a life worth living with a heightened sense of awareness. The labyrinth and gardens will be used by our experiential therapy programming and spiritual care team.

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