“Suite” cook-out held for staff at Executive Drive office building 

07/06/17 04:44:pm
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More than 40 employees at the Executive Drive office in Oconomowoc attended a “suite” cook-out on in early June.

The Rogers Foundation was the first department to move to this location more than five years ago. Since then, the Foundation has been joined by a variety of departments. While some have come and gone, the number of new faces seen around the building continues to grow each year. In an effort to turn these faces into friends and colleagues across departments, a cook-out was held on the lawn outside the building.

“We strongly encouraged everyone to sit down and eat with someone from outside their department,” said Emily Richards. “It was great to see everyone mingling and meeting new people!”

After lunch, staff members from all departments gathered for a lively game of corn hole in the parking lot. Indeed, the lunch met its goal of opening the doors and creating new friendships across the entire building.

The event was organized by Emily Richards, Gerilyn Darnell, Shelly Shreiner, and Amanda Isaacson

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