Rogers uses Eating Disorders Awareness Week to spread awareness in our communities

04/06/17 06:56:am
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From February 26 to March 4, patients and staff members across Rogers Behavioral Health recognized National Eating Disorders Awareness Week with special decorations, activities and celebrations.

“Rogers recognizes and celebrates this recognition to enhance the importance of promoting awareness of these serious, life-threatening illnesses so more people get the early intervention and treatment that is key to full recovery,” says Brad Smith, MD, medical director of eating disorder services. “Individuals in treatment join in these efforts as a recognition of their own challenging work on the journey to recovery—but also as a way to encourage others to learn more about the disorders and take steps to help themselves, or affected loved ones.”

A few ways we showed support this year were:

  • The Eating Disorder Center invited guest speakers to present to patients; held an all-house outing to the Milwaukee Public museum, balloon launch, self-care day, tea party and more.

  • Eating disorder inpatient staff members at Rogers–Oconomowoc created an “I feel beautiful wall” with positive messages, had a “Trash your insecurities” activity for patients and staff and more.

  • Kari Thielke-Weber, lead dietitian at Rogers–Oconomowoc, was featured on Today’s TMJ4 Morning Blend. Kari discussed prevention and methods for promoting recovery.

  • Rogers-Appleton had a “Mirrorless Monday,” where staff covered up bathroom mirrors so patients could write positive affirmations; a pajama dress-up day and more.

  • Community members joined Rogers–Nashville staff for a free community event, offering education and resources. Stephanie Eken, MD, regional medical director, was among the presenting professionals.

“Developing an eating disorder is not a choice, but recovery is,” says Dr. Smith. “We want to help as many people make that choice as we can, and it starts with awareness.”

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