Foundation grant leaves former Child Center patient jumping for joy after treatment

07/07/17 06:11:pm

It’s always gratifying to hear from former patients and families about the impact of their care at Rogers. But when that feedback comes from a child who is as grateful as this one, it’s particularly meaningful. This child’s family received a grant from the Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation to pay for several weeks of her treatment.

She writes, “When I came to Rogers, I couldn’t sit down, couldn’t wear a coat, couldn’t sleep with a blanket, couldn’t shower or do self care, couldn’t stop following my mom around all day long, and much more. You have changed my life for the better, and I don’t know how to praise you enough.”

The words and images are found in a handwritten letter to the team at the Child Center, which treats patients ages 8 to 13. The former patient went on to say, “Your organization has helped many people overcome the “impossible: but guess what? You have just made the impossible change to “possible” in this little heart of mine therefore changing my world. I used to not be able to smile because of my OCD, but now I’m able to jump for joy with glee that I’ve been cured and helped, so now I can finally move on to more exciting possibilities in life!”

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